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It is not enough sweat to get the body you want! We introduce: BeeBelt The perfect combination which not only makes you sweat. COMPRESSES !!!!

sweat and reduce a size ...
For exceptional results!

Also corrects posture thanks to lumbar support.
Scientific studies show that the constant sweat and progressive compression lead to astounding anatomical changes.
It joins the compression of the corset and control of the reducing end, all in one product.
TummyStop, with its duo-isometric bands, thins waist, flattens the abdomen, corrects posture, redistributes body mass, and makes you sweat just where it is needed.
This fantastic band absorbs sweat so as not to wet clothes.
Comfortable, practical, for all occasions and keeps you always dry!
The compression slats help correct posture.
TummyStop is also appropriate for men because it reduces the waistline emphasizing your back also helps to get defined abs.

Thins the waist
It flattens the abdomen
Corrects posture
It redistributes body mass